Past Museum Exhibits

Domestic Exhibits:

  • From August 21 to October 10th, 2021, Bespoke Bodies: The Design and Craft of Prosthetics was on display in the Joseloff Gallery at the University of Hartford in Conneticut. The exhibition includes the past, present, and future of prosthetic design including passive, body-powered, electric, and biomechanical devices in this photo gallery.
  • From May to September 2019, the Bakken Museum in collaboration with the Gillette Children’s prosthetic experts held an interactive prosthetics exhibit. This has now evolved into the Personal Prosthesis 2.0 exhibit presently showing how individuals inspire innovations in the field of prosthetics.


  • From July 21st to October 23rd, 2016, The Henry Moore Foundation in Leeds, England, hosted The Body Extended: Sculpture and Prosthetics exhibit. The exhibit traces how artists have addressed changes in bodies featuring over seventy artworks including 20+ sculptures of prosthetics.
  • From June 29th, 2016 to Janary 15th, 2018, the London Science Museum held the exhibition Wounded: Conflict, Casualties, and Care. The exhibition focused on the medical aspects of World War 1, including what happened to those wounded or disabled in battle. They feature the Anglesey Leg.
  • Exhibited in 2014 at the Hunterian in London and Edinburgh, the War, Art and Surgery at the Royal College of Surgeons exhibit featured First World War pastel portraits of plastic surgery patients as well as medical art.
  • Reconstructing Lives: A Human Technology at the National War Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh Castle was featured from 2012-2013. The exhibition featured conflict amputation and prosthetic limbs that are armor including iron hands. 
Reconstructing Lives: Installing the exhibition | National Museums Scotland  Blog
  • Shaping our World was a science and technology display at the National Museum of Scotland. Opening in 2011, the exhibit showcased various prosthetics in a gallery including developments in upper limb prosthesis in Ediburgh: including Simpson arms and the i-limb.
Colour photograph of a male and a female thalidomide patient standing in front of an exhibition display wall
  • Miraikan, The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, features the Robots in Your Life exhibition. Located in Tokyo, Japan, the exhibit features androids, a hands-on-model of the internet, visionary labs, and more.